Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ubiogrow  Trial

It's funny how things work out sometimes. I was lucky enough from Ubiogrow to receive a free sample and try their product. I got it in the mail this morning and Im very excited. My plants look horrible right now and I need to try this product out now!

I will be using Ubiogrow over the next few weeks and the plants will speak for themselves.

My wife and I have my son's great grandmother coming over to visit with him sometime this afternoon. So, that should give me some time to get some much need maintenance out of the way in the garden.

I know how hard it is for these smaller, growing companies and their products to get a good reputation. This is mostly because the BIG companies out their have so much crappy-chemical based products, people are very cautious.

I've read the story of Tom (owner) and his company Ubiogrow. Tom followed his passion after being laid off and started this company. This is what I hope to one of these days. I want to one day combine my passion for web/software development, with my passion for gardening. I respect Tom and his company very much and I wish him much success in the future.

I much rather buy from a company where I know my funds will directly effect someone's life on a personal level - a small company like Ubiogrow.

 If I have success with this product, I will be purchasing from them again and spreading the word :) Only time will tell.

After a little research, there is no reason this product shouldnt work like intended, unless it's user (me)

Happy Gardening!

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