Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Must Watch Movies

  Democracy... we the people. Have to demand change. Its our duty!
I've been watching some great documentaries on Netflix the past month, and I would like to share with you some of these films. Every documentary will open your eyes wider. It's sad, truly sad, but not all hope if lost.

The Age of Stupid

Dirt! The Movie

I've recently sold all the tv's in my house and we are now using NetFlix. At first it was different, but after a while I found TONS of great documentary films . I've been using Windows Media Center with NetFlix, and that user experience is quite a good one. I've set up my computer in the living room, in place of the large TV I sold. I have the basic NetFlix package and I watch mostly streaming video. Awesome technology, without all the commercials/bs. Plus NetFlix replaces my 50$ cable bill at a much, much cheaper rate.
All the videos above  are able available through Netlfix Streaming (you can watch instantly-without downloading) and their streaming service is unlimited streaming, so awesome deal.

I recommend to ANYONE... sell your TV. Cable is garbage and tv's are over rated.

If you are a parent, PLEASE take this information seriously. This isn't made up, conspiracy theory-bullshit pulled out of a hat. These are known facts that people have been yelling for years and years. Many find it hard to believe this is going on, or there is nothing they can do about it.

We live in "Corporate America", and Corporate interest and dollars has influenced government like never before.

Becoming a father, has led me down this journey, and it has taught me everything. This is common sense people, with scientific facts to back it up.

Only when the last tree has died,
and the last river has been poisoned,
and the last fish has been caught
will you realize that you can't eat money
- native american indian cree

  Democracy... we the people. Have to demand change. Its our duty!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Greenhouse Updates

Friday Greenhouse Updates
I'm adding a new greenhouse extending out the carport for greens and herbs.
It started raining and didn't stop, so I will have to continue tomorrow.
I only have one rockwool slab left in the greenhouse and I hand water it. It was just waaaay too hot during the peak of summer to continue. Many plants stopped producing and only cost money to keep alive. Money I didnt have, so if I couldn't transplant them to dirt, I composted them.    
Sweet Orange Bell Pepper in Rockwool Slab. For some reason or another, this pepper plant hasnt developed any flowers. The tomato plants are large enough to lean them more out of the light, so maybe more light will solve this problem.
Lots of dirt starters. Most of these were outside, but the bugs attacked them, so I moved them in the greenhouse.
Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes
Dragon Tongue Beans

The ggplant stopped producing flowers and are now focusing on developing the fruits.
Suyo Cucumber 16 inches. Very delicious and a good producer. I have harvested about 6 to date and the squirrels have eaten about 10 small female flowers.
Outdoor Tomatoes with Pine Needles used as mulch. I also added some worm compost and let the dirt set for a week before transplanting these into their home. I grew these from seed in the greenhouse first, and transplanted them at about 2 ' tall.
Outdoor Tomatoes in Pine Needles
Tangerine Tree on the side of the house full of tangerines.