Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 23rd, 2010 - Friday Picture Update

I've been real busy lately and neglecting my garden (as you might be able to tell in the pics). Its also been too damn hot! Over 100 degrees every day this week. I'm hoping to do some major maintenance this weekend if all goes well :)

Patio Princess (NFT and Drip)

Jubilee Tomatoes

Hydroponic-to-dirt Transplants

Plumeria in Flower! Beautiful!

Eggplant in Flower

Hungarian Wax Pepper

Rockwool Slab Drip: Okra - BeefSteak Tomato - Orka

NFT Outdoor Fence Post System w/ Water cooler as the nutrient tank
This is what happens when you dont check the water level for days and it drys up on you. And in over 100 degree temp, Im surprised they MIGHT come back.

Bugs - Leaf Footed Nymphs on Cucumber Flower and Black swallowtail eating my parsley 

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