Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer bring all the Bugs to the Yard, they like, I have to charge...

You can tell summer is in full swing. The heat, the humidity and the BUGS! I've also been very busy and I have been neglecting my garden. This weekend I will get back on track (crossing fingers).

I've found a couple type of worms on my cucumber, tomatoes and eggplant. Where this is smoke, there is fire. So all them round holes in the leaves didnt appear out of no where. I also need to make a purchase of organic BT to control the worms. They arent too bad, but picking a few off a day isnt too fun.

But some good news, I believe I found some assassin bugs hanging in the cucumber plant. They are predators, so I hope they eat more bad bugs.
Assassin bugs are consider beneficial insects, but they do no discriminate. They will eat the good and the bad - hopefully more of the bad. If only they had a taste for worms, but I dont believe they eat them >:(

I found a bunch of spiders hanging out on my bucket I was washing out, and has been left outside for a couple days. I placed the bucket inside the greenhouse and hopefully they will find new homes in there.
Above are some more eggs I found. These were very close to were I spotted the assassin bug. So the assassin bug was having lunch, or these are his babies. I will have to research more and post my results. These are the second time I've seen these types of eggs. The first time, they looked like tiny lady bugs, but I wasnt 100% for sure.

Tomato Horm Worms! These suckers need to die! They are eating my NFT patio princess up! I need BT for these, because they blend in perfect for their environment and its hard to get them all. I did manage to capture quite a bit. In the second photo, this branch has been eaten raw. And he was nice enough to leave some poop droppings behind. Im going to have to keep a good eye out. In the last pic, the worm had lunch on a smaller tomato. What damage these things can cause!

All in all, there isnt an outbreak and hopefully things will balance out. Without the bad bugs, the good bugs dont have any food to eat. So, a good balance of both is what Im aiming for :)

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