Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Next Big Oil Blowout - The Food Industry

We all know now that one of the reasons that the oil spill happened, is because of the lack of proper regulations. The oil industry has bought the people they needed, to get their job done. They regulated themselves for far too long and their careless actions have now impacted the lives of millions.

They are now putting an clamp down on the revolving door relationship between the government and companies. When you regulate something, then go to work for that same companies a few years down the line, something seems a little fishy.

This has been happening for many, many years in the food industry. Monsanto & FDA/EPA employees play a revolving door game all the time (just one example).

How long is it going to take to get the food industry under control? Monsanto is pushing for new GMO crops, and surprisingly the government is listening. I thought history was written so the same mistakes would not repeat themselves?

The food industry does what it wants, when they want. Our government doesnt have the preventative attitude. They rather wait until the next "oil blowout" happens in the food industry until they really act.

This is sad. We are their lab-rat food experiment and the government continues to let these companies get away with it.

I dont know about you, but food is very important to me and my family. WITH proper food and nutrition, anything is possible. WITHOUT it, the brain doesnt fully develop in our children and causes diseases/disabilities in many.

And this is the world we now live in today. We wonder why cancer is so common and children learning disabilities are on a rise. Lets get to the ROOT of the problem - NUTRITION AND FOOD.

And the crap they feed our children in schools is about the same grade of food they use to make animal food. But the answer that doctors and parents find is usually some type of pill or medication. Again, not preventative and makes me sick to my stomach!

A good rule of thumb to live by these days - read ALL ingredients and dont believe all the marketing BS. Turn off your TV's before the food industry brain washes your children into believing this type of food is common and acceptable. Because IT IS NOT!

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