Friday, July 16, 2010

Hydro to Dirt Transplanting

Hydro to Dirt Transplants

I've been moving plants and changing out the bucket system. The bucket system I currently have is starting to be a maintenance nightmare and that wasnt the intent. Im now going to slowly move over to a rockwool slab system and this should be a little easier to care for. Im also only going to include smaller, more manageable plants in the greenhouse. The hot pepper plants are fine, but not any squash types!

I took out 2 hot pepper plants from the greenhouse and planted them in dirt. One of them wasent producing (most likely b/c the zucchini & other pepper plant was blocking its sun) and the other pepper plant was getting too tall and falling over. I also moved the zucchini to the dirt garden. The zucchini plant was way too big for the greenhouse and now I know better. This plant is better suited for a BIG area.

Above, the zucchini was getting top heavy and just getting too big. I decided to move it to dirt, but first I checked out the root system. I figured the roots would have reached the water in the 2nd bucket, but I was amazed how healthy the root system seemed. You can see all the salt buildup in the bucket above, from the nutrients sitting in the bucket, not aerated. I havent flushed the system in about 2 weeks, so that is somethign on my list for the remaining plants. Also, I can only imagine how hot it must get that water during the day, just sitting in there.

I will keep you up-to-date on the progress of the transplants.

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