Thursday, July 1, 2010

Green: Color or Common Sense?

Many people are talking about green this, green that. Why wasn't this basic, self-sufficient technology created long ago? It only makes sense to me that living off the land, or what is provided for you, not only will be the cheaper route, but simpler.

Green doesnt have to be non-fun. Many green technologies actually appeal to humans. Who would have thought? Something so complex, but so natural - Gardening, water conservation, power generation, etc..etc.

We are basically setting ourselves up for anarchy. Most families are dependent on EVERYTHING. Meaning they buy everything they consume. What would happen if a major event struck the earth? ANARCHY. No power, no stores, no gas... no nothing! In the case of this event, I will have my house lined with family members, ordered to shoot on site to anyone that approaches aggressively.Why? Because its a good possibility that we will be the ONLY people within at least a few square blocks with fresh food. Now that's a lot of people. I know it sounds sick, but its a possibility and I shall have the guns to back us up.

Are you prepared? All technology that has been created, can be undone.

You can be brainwashed, or simply live a healthy life. But simplicity doesn't equal profits for companies, thus, our generation will be reffered to as the generation of "lab rats" and ignorance in the history books. (So sad we know this, but it still continues)

We are more of a self-destruction society, than a self-sufficient one. But Im no God, and I have done many of the things I speak of. But its time for change. When I did them things, I was unaware of my impact. Now that I'm aware, its time for a change and the change is happening everywhere.

It's going to start with YOU first. What you buy, when you buy it and how much you buy. But we will tell the industry that we demand change. The all American dollar is more important than all American health with these corporations, so my dollar WILL count.

There is no need to place blame on anyone. We all know what that leads to, a circle of blame.... and that gets us no where! We all know that our food system is messed up beyond belief. But if we dont buy, they HAVE TO CHANGE. We have brought this fate upon ourselves, so its time to change it.

I know Im asking alot, but I'm not wealthy either. Even if you start with a head of lettuce, that's something and maybe more to someone else.

Every country experiences some type of economic boom, in our case... many all at once. That doesnt mean its "OK". It's time to slow down, enjoy life, love your love ones and do what you do best, BE YOU!

Wouldn't that be something? I know that future generations will consider our time in history a foolish one, but we HAVE TO CHANGE so that this future generation exists to tell these stories.

The key is to start small and do what works for you. As your life goes on, you will find more sufficient ways of handling situations.

God Bless.

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