About me

Hello people of the Internet!

Im here to show you that ANYONE can change their lives for the better, while keeping the environment in mind. I am a web developer by profession, and a hydroponic gardener by night. I've recently got into the hobby a year or more ago and found a new, exciting interest.

A little about my background: I'm 27, a central Floridan, father, husband, web developer, and now a "farmer". When I find an interest, I learn it from the inside out and try to be the best I can at what I do. Maybe a little OCD, but I call it passion. I balance a lot of things in my life but my family (wife and son) are the most important.

During College
  • Fast-Paced Life
  • Ate day-2-day, not thinking about the long run effects (fast food)
  • College life living
  • Studying Web/System Development/Programming
After College
  • Getting a job, making it in life...
  • Learning that it wasnt what they told you
  • Anxiety (This is any story all in-its-own. I will add this to my list of "goals" on my blog for a full posting.)
  • Stress ,Work, Work, Work . . .
  • I didnt eat right, but I tried.
Family Life
  •  I met and married my wonderful wife. We had a beautiful son, which is the joy of both our lives.
  • My wife is great. She is everything I've always wished for. We have the same views, but very different, I like that.
  • We are making a big effort to change the way we live and consume. We are trying to look at the ingredients and not the company, but also keeping in mind organic and green companies out there.