Thursday, July 1, 2010

Common Sense Declines - Common Checimals Inclines.

Its sad that we relay on government agencies to protect us from harmful chemicals, when they let so many go untested and labeled as "safe".

We use some of the same items, day after day, with a mix of toxic ingredients and think nothing of it (deodorant, perfume, fragrances, high fructose syrup, industrialized food, etc..etc...  . No wonder cancer is becoming a norm. What ever happened to preventative care? It seems like common sense.

But having commen sense is not so common today with all types of chemical mixtures out there. Chemicals are the only "common" thing in "common sense".

Some of these items we were brought up thinking were safe, like many things, only to find out they are not. No wonder so many people have some type of disorder, disease or learning disability. Chemicals are everywhere!

How many do you have in your house? How many have their lids on tight and not open? How many have you stepped on and dragged onto your carpet, maybe for your baby to suck on? The possibilities are endless. Do you think these companies think of this shit?

Fucking sickening how long this has gone on and how it continues. The government knows whats up, but ....  we will have to see...

Over reaction is not the solution. Analyze your lifestyle and move at the speed you feel fit.

make a change.... they WILL listen.
... protect YOUR family... dont be a future statistic!

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