Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend I made some nice changes to the greenhouse. It was HOT (110 degrees)! Then the afternoon thunder storm clouds started to roll in about 6pm and cooled things off a little, but not much rain.

The biggest improvement I made over the weekend was digging a hole in my greenhouse. I placed my 18 gallon trash can (nutrient/water reservoir) in this hole, so its almost flush with the ground. This should help with some issues:
-The water shouldnt get as hot
-The drainage pipes can easily flow back into the reservoir b/c it's lower than the platform the plants sit on (re-circulation of water/nutrients)

This should make things much easier for me. The only thing that might become a pain in the ass is getting on my knees to check the EC and PH of the system. But that will not be a big deal.

I have some pics I will upload later tonight.

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