Monday, August 2, 2010

Reservoir Nutrient/Water Tank Hole, Florida Dirt (SAND) & Jubilee Harvest

Reservoir Nutrient/Water Tank Hole
Deep Hole. Sand Sand.....SAAAAANNNNNDDDD
Digging. The white Styrofoam will be used for the side walls. Yes, I had a bigger shovel to dig this hole =)
Finally in the ground.
This still isnt 100% complete. I need to run the return line for the runoff and direct it back to the tank. Currently, I'm hand watering them in the morning and at night with nutrients I mix up with water. My wife waters them while Im working(8am-5pm) and keeps an eye on them to make sure they dont dry out. I'm going to try and finish this week, or this weekend at latest.

 Florida Soil, better known as SAND
Look at this sand. Things cannot grow in this crap. The sand drys way too fast unless the plant has a very deep root system.

Jubilee Harvest
2nd Jubilee Harvest this Season
Delicious! I will be adding this to a homemade pizza tomorrow night.


  1. Hey nice Jubilees!

    I like the in ground reservoir idea. Looks like a solid outdoor system. Do you plan on using a pump to mostly empty the reservoir at change times? It looks like a 50+ gal barrel. I imagine superman would barely be able to lift that out of the ground! haha

  2. Thanks! I made a pizza last night and added them babies to it. It was fantastic!

    Yeah, I plan of using the pump to remove the water. Im going to put a 'T' in the line, and also a couple ball valves. This way, I can redirect the water out :) I need to get this done today, but payday is friday, so Im going to have to wait. I need to pick up a few things from urban sunshine (hydroponic store) and homedepot.

    Yeah... I tried moving the barrel when it was full last weekend and pulled my back out. Not a good idea. My back is all better now :)

  3. Here is an update on the plumbing for the reservoir to help redirect what out of the system -