Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Greenhouse Update

Friday Greenhouse Update
I havent really had much free time this week for much posting. August is the hottest month in Florida, so Im pretty much getting ready for fall. I've removed the eggplant and Hungarian pepper plants from the greenhouse and transplanted them to dirt. It's just too damn hot right now, so Im taking a little break on many greenhouse activities and doing some greenhouse Maintenance.

Summer Greenhouse View (Maintenance time)
Im clearing out many of the old plants and starting more. Its too hot! Im also working to get all my leach rockwool slabs installed. It looks empty now, but it should be flourishing again within the next month or two.
Right View
Left View
NFT View with Rockwool starters chilling on top.

Ghetto Timer Rain Protection - Garbage Bag - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
And the water timer. Turns on for 2 mins, about every 3-4 hours. Its been soo hot, I might need to water every 2 hours.
Air Pump bringing air from inside my house, into my nutrient tank outside :)

Okra Aphids!
My Okra plants have been having fire ant problems. A friend let me know that it was possible that the ants are also harvesting aphids and after a much closer look, it was true :( I will be taking care of this problem this weekend.

Okra & Hungarian Wax Pepper Hydro-to-Dirt

Rockwool Slab Starters
Tomatoes and Sweet Yellow Pepper

Southern Exchange Seed Company: Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes in flower.
Rockwool Slab - Cube to slab roots

Greenhouse Plants
Beefsteak Tomato in Flower
Beeksteak Forming Tomatoes
Jubilee Tomatoes Ripening - After they ripen, Im cutting her down :( This is my last bucket in the greenhouse, then its all rockwool slabs.
Rockwool Starters - Tomatoes and Yellow Sweet Pepper
Plants in greenhouse

NFT Plants
I added a little worm tea last week. besides that, I havent added nutrients in a  loong time to this system. Its too hot and Im not going to waste money on adding nutrients to this system until it cools down a little.
Trained Patio Tomato Plant. All tomatoes harvested. More flowers appearing.

Dirt Starters
Tomatoes and Asian Cucumbers
(Left) - Worm Castings drying out (Right) - dirt seed starters, all types of seeds I had
Dinner - Cost: 80 cents
Not bad for an 80 cent dinner =)

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