Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hydroponic Drip Water Pump Irrigation

Hydroponic Drip Water Pump Irrigation
Rockwool Slab Leach Tray with Drip Lines.
Line Valves
Hydroponic Drip Lines Inclining towards the front middle.
Angled Lines.
Drip Lines connect to pvc via small drilled holes.

I dug a hole to keep the nutrient tank from getting hot and using the ground to cool the water. I lined the sides with Styrofoam and placed 4 bricks in the bottom.
Insert the 18 gallon trash can reservoir. The side valve is used in reservoir changes to remove all water/nutrients.
The plumbing attachment for the inside of the trash can.
This part allows for maintenance of the water pump, without disconnecting the seal to the main line./
The irrigation piece attached to the main line.
Pump attachment peice added.
Inline filter attached to the pump vias poly 1/2'' tubing.
Water Pump Line attached the the irrigation.
Adding Water.
Add nutrients & Air Bubblers. Adjust water to 5.7ph & 1.5ec.

Update **8/9/2010 **
Added Side holes for air & drain/return lines. Cut a slip in the top for the pump power cord. The lid should now fit on securely.

All pvc lines are at an angle, so that when the pump turns off, all the water returns to the in-ground tank and no water is left in the lines. Valves are located at the beginning of each line to turn lines on or off, reduce flow or redirect water. A Commercial Air 1 (18 watt Air Pump) is used to aerate the reservoir. A small drill bit was used to drill holes into the pvc lines and  4.2 gph trip lines were installed.

Before drilling into your pvc, test for a water tight connection between the pvc and the drip line. Get a piece of scrap pvc and drill the hole into it. The drill bit should be slightly smaller than the drip line diameter. Cut an angel in the drip line and twist it into the pvc about 1/2''. I tested it by hooking a pump. If you notice any leaks, try a smaller drill bit. You can also use aquarium glue for a water tight seal. Attach a drip emitter to the end of the line and insert it at the base of the plant.

Depending on the heat and the maturity of the plant, the pump will turn on 1-4 times a day for 1 min. I will monitor the rockwool slabs and adjust the pump timer as needed.

For plants started in a rockwool cube and when 1st transplanting them onto a slab, you may want to hand water them for the first week or two so that they dont get over watered.

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