Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog Article Previews -- Hydroponic: Yellow Squash RIP

Article & Blog Preview - Exiting Few Months Ahead

I am planning on writing the following articles within the next few months. Im going to write them down now while Ive been thinking a little about them. Here is a preview of topics I will be covering... and it looks like I will be busy.... (Some Articles are based on projects I will be working on within the next few months)
  • DIY Backyard Greenhouse from an Old Carport (cheaply)
  • DIY Drip & SWC (Self Water Containers) Recirculating Hydroponic System
  • DIY NFT (Nutrient Film-Technique) Gutter System: Perfect of Lettuce and Greens.
  • DIY Greenhouse Misting System: Test and Results in the Summer Florida Heat.
  • Reflection: Hydroponic Greenhouse Failures & Successes
  • Nutrients: Organic Soil Vs. Soil-Less
  • Trials/Projects: Organic Soil Vs. Soil-Less
  • Greenhouse Bugs: The Good  & The Bad
  • Oakton: PH 2 Meter - Review
  • Blue Lab: Truncheon Nutrient Meter - Review
  • General Hydroponics: Floramato - Review
  • Technaflora: Recipe for Success - Review
  • DIY Worm Tea: How to and Review
  • PAC/PLC Plant electronic automation
  • From Garden to Plate: Recipes from my House to Yours
  • GMO's and What They mean to Me and My Family
  • Re-planning Your Life: Not Only Because it's Good for the Plant, it's Good for You and Your Family
  • My Life: Eating Habits Now and How I Need to Change
  • Food WAR: Have YOU Fell Victim?
  • Chemicals: Is Your Family Really Safe?
  • How your Government & Companies are Putting Your Family At Risk
  • Consumption: Think Before You Act
  • Stress: Society's Stressors Imposed on Us - You Dont have to Take It
  • America: Toxic Wasteland
  • From Natural to Unethical Food in a Flash of an Eye
On many of the more opinionated topics, I will big into the details and dicuss both sides, the need, the effects, etc. My wife will help me edit these articles, for things I might have missed or delivered in the wrong way. She's my sidekick and is usually very good at things Im not, and I'm usually pretty good at her weaker points, so a perfect match :)

My goal is write on a variety of gardening topics for someone a little new to "gardening". Everything I found throughout my endless hours of research, has led to many test, experiences, trials, failures and successes. I love to share them with others and hopefully gain someones interest.

I am the generation-x of gardening. I was brainwashed throughout my life by greedy America and it's time to change my ways. Urban Gardening is one, of many, ways I express myself and prove change will come. I know what joy this brings me now and how meaningless it was to me a little less than 2 years ago. Well, not totally meaningless, but I was lost in the high-tech, fast moving society and it's ways. Now that I have a son (7 Months Old now), I have really thought about how I am changing my ways for myself and family for the better.
It's crazy how the most fundamental, but necessary things in life are being changed/polluted by this generation and will be forever changed. Things as simple, but so precious to us, as food, are being taking for granted. It's unsafe/unhealthy to eat these days. Everywhere to turn, from fast food to high-fructose syrup.

High processing, low cost. You get what you pay for. You wouldnt buy a cheap lawnmower or car, but you have no problem with a cheap Big Mac. Now that's a problem. Our society is being held hostage and we need to do something about it. And the place to start is at home.

This blog will be my journey to take back control of my life and NOT let my family become another victim of this food war.

Hydroponic: Yellow Squash RIP

While I was at work, my wife mailed me these pictures. The cat or wind attacked the plant and caused unrepairable damage. My wife tried to fix it, but once I saw it when I got home, they were done. (Yes, this is the same picture I took last night of the roots)

I should have taken a picture of the root system when I removed the plant, but I didnt have time b/c of the humidity was killing me and I was too wet.

All is good though. These plants grew extremely fast and were too big for my greenhouse. Im going to go ahead and start all my seeds for the end of summer/fall sometime this week. I will post all the seeds and types.

My greenhouse isnt 100% enclosed. But will be closed from the outside and have a door (hopefully) sooner than later. What I have works now though - the cats are just always a pain in the ass.


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