Saturday, June 26, 2010

NFT Fence Post System - Tomato, Swiss Chard and Bunching Onions.

NFT Fence Post System 
Recirculating Hydroponics

This is another system I built. It works quite well actually. This system is outside, under the house roof overhang. I had mint growing in this for a loooong time, but the roots took over and I had to remove it. These were my starters (Swiss chard & green onion) in rockwool, but I got tired of watering them by hand, so I just threw'em in this system and they seem to like it.

The tomato plant has been growing in there for about 3 months now. Its finally starting to take off now b/c the mint plant is out. If gotten a few tomatoes from this plant.

This is system I dont care really about. I simply add nutrients and water when I think they need it. I DONT check the PH or EC of the water or nutrients, b/c I dont want to contaminate my meters if they do have harmful pathogens in the system.

This system has also ran out of water plenty of times and the pump ran dry for who knows how long. Its still running strong.

This is an example of how ANYONE can do hydroponics and you dont have to be a scientist. The more effort and knowledge you obtain, the better results you will receive.

Setting up an NFT system is fairly easy. The hardest part was drilling the holes in the fence post. I have a new system in my greenhouse that are made of thinner plastic gutters. Im going to start that system running soon.

Patio Princess Tomato Hydroponic

Hydroponic Swiss Chard
 Hydroponic Bunching Onions
Swiss Chard 2

Hydroponic Mint Root Takeover

Hydroponic Mint ,Lettuce, Tomato

New Greenhouse NFT Gutter System

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