Sunday, June 20, 2010

Greenhouse Plant Update - Happy Fathers Day

This was my first fathers day and it was a very good one. I'm so lucky to have such a wonder wife and awesome son!

After a little yard work, I took some pics of my plants before it rained. It's about to storm hard, but we need it with temps in the 100's again today.

Updates - 6-20-2010 - Hydroponic Pics

  • Growing like crazy.
  • Needs more water during the hottest parts of the day (12-3). I need to add another system to my timer for the pump. I noticed that some of the leaves were wilty b/c of the heat. I turned on my pump and within 30 mins they were back to normal.
  • I have between 5-7 female cucumbers. I am pollinating them in the morning and evening.
  • Cucumbers are forming.

Tomato - Patio Princess/Unknown**
  • Looking very green and healthy.
  • Lots of flowers and clusters. One small tomato and many more on their way. It looks like this variety isnt dropping it's flowers as much as the brandywine.

Tomato - Jubilee/Unknown**
  • Not looking bad. I have been experiencing a weird twisting and curling of the leaves on the top. Everything I have read says its "tomato curl top". The older leaves, that were once twisted, are un-twisted and almost back to their normal appearance. Something strange is going on, most likely the heat.
  • New Flowers and Tomatoes - It looks like successful pollination of the Jubilee tomatoes. The whole flower didnt drop and I see very small tomatoes forming inside.

Zucchini & Yellow Squash
  • These two plants are very healthy and getting huge. Im thinking about relocating them to another part of the greenhouse.
  • I have experienced a little powdery mildew. I sprayed a 10% milk solution on the leaves, and that seems to that care of the problem.
  • I have female flowers forming on the Yellow Squash, but only males so far on the Zucchini.

Hot Peppers
  • I bought a Hot Pepper Mix from Burpee, so many of these peppers I dont even know what they are yet, because I have a couple that havent produced any fruit.
  • I believe that the two peppers I have on one plant are Hungarian wax Peppers.
  • I have some small peppers forming on one of the plants. More flowers and I tried more pollination today.
  • All looking very good and green. Its dropping many flowers though, most likey cause by the intense heat and humidity again.  

BrandyWine - 
No tomatoes still. No successful pollination. Its getting huge. All flowers drop. Too bad this plant is in the same bucket as the Jubilee, otherwise it would have been removed by now. 
Okra Starters 
  • I transplanted to rockwool cubes a couple days ago.
  • I have been noticing while eggs underneath the leaves. They looked like spider mite eggs, but not 100% sure. They were bigger that spider mites, so I donno.
  • I sprayed them with insect soap yesterday and kills the eggs by hand, so I will report if I see them again.

Overall, things are good. Its too damn hot and humid though. I dont know why Im trying to grow in the middle of summer. Well, because I missed spring and my greenhouse wasnt ready. I'm really only having big problems with my brandywine. No fruit.

I ordered and received some heat loving tomato varieties that I will post about when I plant them.

Unknown** - indicates that this plant couple possibly be another variety. I didnt tag some starter tomatoes in the beginning and lot track.

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