Friday, June 18, 2010

Outdoor Hydroponic Greenhouse - Here we go!


This blog was created for my backyard hydroponic project. This will be used to document and detail my steps, procedures .... blah.. blah... along the way.

My original intent was to create my own website and set up a hydroponic database for different types of systems, plants, methods, techniques, ... etc..etc... And provide web services to EVERYONE for free to enter data, compare, gather, and the possibilities are endless. This project is being worked on and should be in the beta stages within the next few months. This blog will document my work and hopefully inspire new young gardeners until the new site is launched.

The reason I choose hydroponics, or soil-less, growing is because of the advantages. I admit, Im no good at soil gardening. One day, someone at work showed me some pics of their lettuce raft hydroponic system and from then on I have been interested. Everything I grow in soil dies or doesnt produce well. I believe this is because I CANT control as many parameters as I can in a hydroponic system.

I have a soil raised-bed garden that I started about the same time, if not sooner, than my hydroponic garden. So far, my hydroponic garden has suffered less damage by pest, less disease, more growth, more fruit..... and overall looks much better.

The greenhouse is still under construction. My ultimate goal is to have my DIY greenhouse totally automated and I believe this goal is very reachable. I have been studying PCL and PAC I/O controllers that I can hook up to my computer to program and monitor. Im faaar from even being close to my first post, but when I have something worth posting, you will be the first to know.

The weather has been extreme this summer here in Florida, but so far I've only had very few problems. My greenhouse isnt full with plants and I still have the left bench empty. I think Im going to move the two squash plants on that bench because of the growth.

I have one tomato plant that is loving the summer heat... sometimes up to 105 for long periods. The flowers DONT seem to be dropping and I see fruit forming (unlike the brandywine)

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