Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heavy Phosphorous Feeding Tonight with DynaBloom 3-12-6

Im out of Floramato and thank god. Im sure that was the root cause to all my flower dropping problems and weird twisting. I've wasted a valuable couple months with this product, which is low in Phosphorous and states that its for flowering. But that is my fault, I should have known better to change and take a better look of the nutrient levels. I still have about 10-15 gallons mixed with water in the reservoir and that will be used up by this weekend, then Im getting 2.2 pounds of MaxiBloom for 14$. That should last a while.

Tonight I found a old bottle of DynaBloom 3-12-6 and I mixed up a 5 gallon bucket and feed each plant by hand. The EC was about 1.3 and the ph was 5.8.

Here is a feeding chart the I found for the General Hydroponics Dry Nutrients I will be getting soon:

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