Friday, September 17, 2010

SWC Suyo (Japanese) Cucumber

SWC Suyo (Japanese) Cucumber
 Suyo Cucumbers from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. So far, so good. I have these in a SWC (self watering container) and they seem to love it. Cucumbers are heavy water drinkers, so a SWC seemed like a perfect match. I'm using my chain fence to trellis these. I told my neighbor on the other side to pick them as he pleases. This cucumber plant seems like its going to be a heavy producer and is very heat/disease tolerant.

I have lots of female flowers cukes and about 3 mid-large size cukes. The squirrels run alone the fence, knocking some flowers/cukes off. Im going to have to solve that problem soon. Other than that, it looks likes it going to be cukes for breakfast, lunch and dinner pretty soon.

I will report back on first harvest with the taste test, which should be this weekend :)


  1. Very nice cucumber and congratulations on the hydroponic eggplant.