Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Greenhouse Updates

Friday Greenhouse Updates
I'm adding a new greenhouse extending out the carport for greens and herbs.
It started raining and didn't stop, so I will have to continue tomorrow.
I only have one rockwool slab left in the greenhouse and I hand water it. It was just waaaay too hot during the peak of summer to continue. Many plants stopped producing and only cost money to keep alive. Money I didnt have, so if I couldn't transplant them to dirt, I composted them.    
Sweet Orange Bell Pepper in Rockwool Slab. For some reason or another, this pepper plant hasnt developed any flowers. The tomato plants are large enough to lean them more out of the light, so maybe more light will solve this problem.
Lots of dirt starters. Most of these were outside, but the bugs attacked them, so I moved them in the greenhouse.
Matt's Wild Cherry Tomatoes
Dragon Tongue Beans

The ggplant stopped producing flowers and are now focusing on developing the fruits.
Suyo Cucumber 16 inches. Very delicious and a good producer. I have harvested about 6 to date and the squirrels have eaten about 10 small female flowers.
Outdoor Tomatoes with Pine Needles used as mulch. I also added some worm compost and let the dirt set for a week before transplanting these into their home. I grew these from seed in the greenhouse first, and transplanted them at about 2 ' tall.
Outdoor Tomatoes in Pine Needles
Tangerine Tree on the side of the house full of tangerines.


  1. I like the "mad scientist" look of your greenhouse with plumbing running everywhere. Your garden looks great.

    Pine needles don't affect the pH of your tomato soil?

  2. lol.

    I heard that the ph of the pine needles are acidic, but I assume that this should only effect the soil once the pine needles break down after a while. Hopefully that since these are very fresh needles, they shouldn't mess with the soil ph too much. All the plants I have mulched with the pine needles seems to not be minding it. Tomatoes are doing very well and out-performing all the others outside.
    But I grew these pretty big in the greenhouse before moving them outside, so Im sure that played a big part in their current healthiness.

  3. UHGU just got our first plants in the Greenhouse we just built...I expect we'll be sending a lot of questions your way as we go ;-) Be sure to check in on our progress.

  4. Hey Zach,
    Nice greenhouse you guys built! I checked it out the other day.
    Just so you have the greenhouse level, you shouldn't run into alot of the pain-in-the-ass problems that I did.
    I just did a major greenhouse cleaning and took the plumbing out, the trash-can-reservoir(and filled in the hole) and took out the nft fence post system and moved it to the new greenhouse setup. Im going to be re-thinking a new setup. Heat is too big of an issue here in florida.

    Another tip dont grow too many different types of plants in the greenhouse. When things get too crowed in there, chores become a nightmare and usually causes delay in many things.

    Plan the reservoir placement carefully. Mixing large amounts of nutrients and checking it daily & modifying it can also turn into something you dont want to do when the reservoir is in an odd/hard-to-get-to place. The heat is always a major issue with my reservoir placement, so I had to make a trade off by putting it in the ground (had to get on my knees to check it, but the water didnt get in the 90's any more)

    Now that I have my greenhouse cleaner and stuff out of there, its a much easier work environment :)

    I am going to do a blog posting soon about my Summer experiences, etc pretty soon.

    Good luck on your hydroponic greenhouse journey =)

  5. To get stubborn peppers to produce- reduce the nitrogen. The day length doesn't matter. Halve your fertilizer and add a pk supplement and they should kick into full effect.