Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring 2011 - Fresh, Free Compost Added to Garden

Composting the Garden 

Today my in-laws and I went to the Porter Transfer Station to load up on some free compost. This stuff goes fast, so we got there pretty early. It's provided by the county and it's pretty much decomposed yard debris that is picked up in the yard trash or dropped off by landscapers. It's bring your own shovel and no machinery allowed, so it's a lot of work if you load up a truck load. (Good thing it was the 3 of us all shoveling) Today was not a good day to do yard work.... It was in the high 80's and I just finished, and I'm very tired!

New Garden Before Compost - Very Sandy

After adding compost.....

After adding 2 large bags of organic peat moss

I will be adding in the very near future:
  • Create a roof with shade cloth (poles on the corners to hang it from)
  • Irrigation from Rain-water barrel and hose backup
  • Animal Barricade (cats, misc)... I'm thinking about about a gate and/or screen.
  • Last but not least.... MY PLANTS


  1. I need free compost!! We only have free mulch around here, speaking of which I need to go get mine.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  2. Great update.

    My potting soil is half coco, half compost and a dash of perlite. It is watered with 1/3 strength nutrient solution every watering until there is runoff. It is very economical and the garden explodes.

  3. @Elizabeth - Do you live in Orlando? Porter Station is off West 50, but it's best to call before you make the trip, because they get shipments only like 2 times a week and it goes fast... But if you need some help shoveling or hauling, message me and ill see how I can help you get some free compost :)

    @Red Icculus - Thanks man...and thanks for the potting soil mix tip =) Im going to mix me up some this weekend and throw my remaining starter's in pots w/ the mix.... I'm all down for economical and seems like a great idea :)

    I should have a new update of the garden this weekend. Lots of bug deaths, but also lots of bugs in general. I plan on stopping by and picking up a tribe of ladybugs after work tomorrow at Urban Sunshine Hydroponics, to help with the problem.

    Happy gardening and great health