Friday, May 27, 2011

Florida Garden Update 5/27/2011

Backyard Garden Update
Hey all... I've been very busy lately. Lots of student loan stress and lots of programming at work. These private student loan companies are nuts. I want to pay them what I can afford, but they want a set amount or nothing. They tell you one thing and do another.... But anyways, back to the garden updates.

My camera is still broke, so I'm borrowing my father-in-laws. Garden is doing pretty well. Bugs here and there, but nothing too bad. I ordered some organic BT (because I did find one worm in one tomato), so hopefully that will arrive soon.

I've gotten powerdy mildew on some of the dragon tongue beans. I think this variety isnt doing the best in our very humid environment. I sprayed some organic fungicide on them last night, but that usually kills the leafs on these beans. I might have to just pull them soon if I cant get it under control.

I've harvested quite a few suyo cucumbers and they are always great. Lots of cherry tomatoes also. Tons of big tomatoes on their way.

It's been in the high 90's almost everyday, with little to NO rain the past few weeks.


  1. you are so lucky. I need help--my Florida garden is gone except for my herbs and one pepper plant. But the key lime is doing beautifully.
    Peace and Raw Health,

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  3. I am looking for some shade cloth for my tomato plant. I have it potted on my pool patio. Unfortunately I started it a little late. the plant is big and I have 8-10 tomatoes growing but not yet ripe. I am concerned that the heat/sun is going to cause it to decline before I ever get any ripe tomatoes. Of course I could have fried green tomatoes but right now only 2 tomatoes are big enough for that.

  4. I saw your note on Central Florida Gardener and I am also looking for some shade cloth.